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    FPVR Winter Season 2019

    Winter Season starts April 2019 this time we also have an exciting Micro Season running alongside.

    Championship Season:
    6 months, 5 rounds. Clubs will supply the end of season prizes. FPVR will be watching to select additions to the Team for international events.

    Mirco Season:
    6 months, 5 rounds. Chapter winners 1st, 2nd & 3rd will be invited to the World of Drones Congress, Brisbane in September to compete for the Australian Micro Championship Title.

    See the chapter tab up top to find your local racing club.
    Interested chapters have until end of March 2019 to join

    Stay tuned, Stay flying.

    What is FPV?

    First Person View (FPV) is video piloting a radio control model drone.

    What is FPVR?

    Flying that drone around a set circuit. You will be racing indoor or outdoor, against other pilots or against the clock.

    Spectators Welcome

    Spectators are most welcome to most of our events (please check the event details).

    Come along and find out what FPV Racing is all about. Feel free to ask any questions, Most of us talk about Drones like a Vegan does Chia Seeds.