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    FPVR Winter Season 2018

    Winter is here, this April 2018.
    Now with more events spanning Australia and New Zealand.
    FPVR Drone Racing League are proud to announce we have increased from 8 Championship Chapters to 14.

    See our Chapter list and Event page for FPVR events coming up near you.

    This Season will run from April 1st until the 31st August 2018. 5 Months 5 rounds (1 event per month at each Chapter) for a total of 70 events.
    Winners from Australian Chapters will receive entry and subsidised/flights to New Zealand in January 2019 for the first Aus V NZ event.

    As per last season our drone specifications have remain unchanged and we are still embracing the "no limit" aspect of drone racing (within reason)

    Craft must be classed as a Multi-Rotor
    Electric powered
    Max take off weight: <1kg
    Max prop size: 7”
    Max video transmission power: 25mW (ACMA Approved Channels, Australia only)

    Formats for Championship rounds are still dictated by the individual Chapters.
    Pilots competing across multiple chapters will win the prize for their home club or nearest to.

    Mid season prizes for most improved and current leaderboard winners courtesy of CaddX cameras and many more prizes and giveaways along the way.

    Please don't forget the FPVR Park Challenge is well under way where you can win more great Caddx Cameras and Pit Viper Sunglasses just by submitting your scores across all 4 tracks. More info at

    Stay tuned and stay flying!

    What is FPV?

    First Person View (FPV) is video piloting a radio control model drone.

    What is FPVR?

    Flying that drone around a set circuit. You will be racing indoor or outdoor, against other pilots or against the clock.

    Spectators Welcome

    Spectators are most welcome to most of our events (please check the event details).

    Come along and find out what FPV Racing is all about. Feel free to ask any questions, Most of us talk about Drones like a Vegan does Chia Seeds.