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2017 Winter Season

Welcome to the first National Drone Racing Season in Australia.

FPVR and its affiliated clubs have united together to bring you an Australian wide leaderboard competition to reveal the top pilots from around the country.

This seasons top pilot from each affiliated club /chapter will be heading to Seoul, Korea for the KDRA World Championships.

How the seasons work, in brief: Each season will run for 6 months, Winter April - September. Summer from October - May. Chapters have the option to run up to 3 skill classes of racing. Rookie, Pilot & Pro.

Each Chapter will run one event per month using the FPVR point system. This allows a level playing field. NEW Pilots just starting out with FPVR will be graded during practice runs. Now you get to race against pilots on your skill level.

NO LIMITS!! If it’s a Mulit-Rotor and complies with ACMA in regards to a maximum 25mW VTX output, you can race it. The track & environment will be what dictates which craft to fly. We just hope you understand you’re only fast if you finish the race, so fly within your ability.

What is FPV?

First Person View (FPV) is video piloting a radio control model drone.

What is FPVR?

Flying that drone around a set circuit. You will be racing indoor or outdoor, against other pilots or against the clock.

Spectators Welcome

Spectators are most welcome to most of our events (please check the event details).

Come along and find out what FPV Racing is all about. Feel free to ask any questions, Most of us talk about Drones like a Vegan does Chia Seeds.